Meet your 2020 Lodge Board Members

President                                  Joleen Dewald

Vice President                          Dee Bumpers

Secretary                                   Vacant 

Treasurer                                   Trygve Myhre

Membership                              Linda Turmo

Social Director                          Dee Bumpers

Social Director                           Vacant

Cultural Director                      Darla Berdal       

Cultural Director                      Kari Kinney

Sports Director                           Olaf Storaasli

Counselor                                     Clark Brekke

Marshals                                       Milly & Paul Abelquist

Marshals                                        Lori & Rick Arnseth

Sunshine                                       Elizabeth Myhre

Website & Newsletter               Joleen Dewald

There are still several positions available including social director, youth director, website management and greeters.

Please consider getting involved with the lodge by volunteering to serve as a board member or committee member.